How to Shop Online

Shopping online is made easy using our website. Anyone who has ever used the likes of eBay or Amazon should recognise the format, but in case not here are the instructions:

  1. Select the products you wish to purchase from our Shop, by visiting out Shop. Products are categories to allow you to look for what you want more specifically. Products are shown with a photograph of its likeness, its weight/portion size and its cost per unit or per item.
  2. Add a product to your Shopping Basket/Bag by pressing ‘Add to Cart’. You can check what is in your cart at any time by clicking the bag icon in the top right of the website.
  3. Once you’ve added all the products you wish to by to your bag/cart, click on the bag icon in the top right of the page and choose Cart
  4. On the Cart page you’re invited to check or change the items you have added previously. Items can have their quantity increased, decreased or be removed. Once you’re satisfied with your order, proceed to the ‘Checkout page.
  5. On the checkout page you will be asked to enter your billing and shipping information. You will also be asked to enter contact information and nominate a delivery day. At the bottom of this page you will also be asked to choose from a selection of delivery options and their costs will be shown.
  6. Choose your favoured delivery method and tick that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions. This will take you to a third party website called PayPal. PayPal is the world’s most familiar payment website and we use it because it is trusted and secure. Use it to make your payment and after this you will have completed your order.
  7. Our team will receive your order and will pack and dispatch it as soon as possible. If there are any delays or stock issues we will contact you. We will then dispatch your order to meet your requested delivery date.
  8. You can track your order, using the ‘Track Your Order’ link i n the top right of the website, at any time.